China Seas, Part 3: Yellow Sea

The Yellow Sea, located between mainland China and the Korean Peninsula, can be considered the northwestern part of the East China Sea. Its name, which is descriptive of the golden-yellow color of its silt-laden water (much like the Yellow River), is also one of four seas named after common  colors, the others being the Black Sea (a marginal Mediterranean sea lying between Europe and Asia), the Red Sea (lying between Africa and Asia), and the White Sea (on the northwest coast of Russia).

The innermost bay of northwestern Yellow Sea is known as the Bohai Sea. Into it flow some of the most important rivers of northern China, including the Yellow River, the Hai River, and the Liao River. On the other hand, the northern extension of the Yellow Sea, known as Korea Bay, serves as the outlet for the Yalu River, the Chongchon River, and the Taedong River. In Korea, the Yellow Sea is known as the West Sea, just as the Sea of Japan is known there as the East Sea.

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