Phoenix Art Museum

Opened in 1959, the Phoenix Art Museum is the largest visual art museum in the southwestern U.S. Its comprehensive collection … More


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A river is generally a natural freshwater watercourse, flowing towards either an ocean, a sea, a lake, or another river. In some cases, it flows into … More

Burton Barr Central Library

The Burton Barr Central Library is the flagship location and administrative headquarters for the Phoenix Public Library, named in honor … More

Roosevelt Row Arts District

Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row Arts District is home to a variety of art galleries, bars, restaurants, and boutique shops within a … More


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Famous LAKES

A lake is a water-filled basin on land that is set apart from any river or stream. They are distinct … More

Mexican Cinema

Mexican cinema dates back to 1896, when President Díaz realized the importance of documenting his presidency in order to present … More

Canadian Cinema

Canadian cinema actually dates back to the rise of filmmaking itself, with present-day studios located in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Halifax. The industry, however, tends … More