Dragon Head Rock

Dragon Head Rock, known in Korean as Yongduam Rock, is situated to the north of Jeju City on the South Korean island of Jeju. Although it was created by strong winds and waves over thousands of years, legend has it that a dragon stealing precious jade from Mt. Halla was shot down by an arrow from the mountain deity. When he fell down to earth, his body sank into the ocean with only his head sticking out, which froze looking at the sky. Alternately, another legend says that the dragon was an emissary sent by a dragon king to collect an elixir of life on Mt. Halla. In any case, in Korean and Chinese cultures alike, black dragons are seen as symbols of bravery, hope, and good luck. Therefore, the rock is considered to be auspicious and, hence, a popular tourist destination for newlywed couples on the island.

Near the rock, visitors can see Haeneo women divers catching abalone, seaweed, and other seafood. As a result, numerous seafood restaurants in the area have gained in popularity in recent years.

  • Visited: 2000
  • Jeju Province Monument: #57

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  1. Such a beautiful island, the “Hawaii” of Korea. Watching those famous women divers who have been written up in many magazines was a real treat. It was a Sunday and well dressed Koreans come down to the beach to lunch on the fresh seafood they bring up on their dives and serve to the people. A family offered me to join them however once I saw the entire plate of food moving about I had to decline , to raw for my taste . But what a memory!

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