Mercado de La Boqueria

The Mercado de La Boquería is a large public market off La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain. It is also one of the city’s foremost tourist landmarks, with a very diverse selection of goods. Dating back to at least 1217, over the years it had become known as both a pig market (Mercadi Bornet) and a straw market (Mercat de la Palla). The current name is believed to derive from the Catalan word boc, meaning “goat”; therefore, a boqueria would be a place where goat meat is sold. Later, a separate market on La Rambla was constructed mainly for fishmongers and butchers. Finally, in 1826, the market was legally recognized. The official structure was approved in 1835 and begun in 1840; however, since plans for the building were modified many times, the inauguration of the structure didn’t take place until 1853. In 1911, a new fish market opened, and in 1914, the metal roof that still exists today was constructed.

  • Visited: 1988, 2018

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  1. I remember my first trip to Barcelona the hotel on mall was a very short distance away from this marketplace. Although it has been more then 35 yrs since that first visit I still recall walking through this market thanks to your post.

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