Luis Muñoz Marín Int’l Airport (SJU)

Luis Muñoz Marín Int’l Airport, located 3 miles south-east of San Juan, is named for Puerto Rico’s first democratically elected governor. As a popular gateway to the Caribbean islands, it is the busiest airport in the Caribbean region by passenger traffic, boarding over 4 million passengers per year. It is also the 48th-busiest airport overseen by the FAA overall. The airport is just the 2nd international airport to be privatized in either the U.S. or its territories and at present operates as the only privatized airport in the nation.

Not only is the airport Puerto Rico’s international gateway and main connection to the mainland U.S., it also operates domestic flights to other local destinations, including Mayagüez (on the west coast) and the islands of Culebra and Vieques (located off the east coast). SJU serves as the Caribbean hub for Cape AirAir Sunshine, and Seaborne Airlines, and is a base for JetBlue, San Juan’s largest carrier, which operates an average of 51 flights daily. As of 2020, the airport has one main terminal with four concourses connected to a separate terminal with an additional concourse.

  • Visited: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2014

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