Hunan Martyrs’ Park

Hunan Martyrs’ Park is the largest park in Changsha, the capital of China’s Hunan Province, covering an area of around 343 acres, almost half of which is water. It commemorates the thousands of Chinese communist soldiers who died after general Peng Dehuai led his Red Three Regiments to attack the Kuomintang forces in occupied Changsha several times from July to September 1930.

Constructed between 1952 and 1953 and opened to the public in 1956, the park is now a renowned scenic spot containing over 326 species of plants, including over 150,000 trees and 1.75 million flowering shrubs. The park was also listed as a “Provincial Key Cultural Protection Unit” in 1983 by the Hunanese provincial government and categorized as a “National Key Park” in 2009 by the country’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The park has been free for visitors since 2000 and was most recently restored in 2007.

The park is divided into six scenic areas, including:

  1. The Martyrs’ Monument and Memorial Hall (above) – built in 1959, the 193-foot tall monument was built out of 2,932 pieces of white marble and granite, while the memorial hall includes dozens of portraits and over 100,000 famous sayings collected by the Hunanese martyrs.
  2. The Water Scenery Park – built in 1963, the artificial 115-acre Nianjia Lake includes four mid-lake islands (known as the Xiaoyang Islands) occupying nearly 5 acres. The 835-foot long Yingfeng Bridge, erected in 1982, is a Song Dynasty imitation built of wood and bricks, while the smaller Three-Arched Bridge was erected earlier, in 1973 (below).
  3. Folk Culture Village – constructed in 1992
  4. People’s Leisure Park
  5. Landscape Recreation Park
  6. Adventure Playground
  • Visited: Apr 2019

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