Famous LAKES

A lake is a water-filled basin on land that is set apart from any river or stream. They are distinct … More

Gatun Lake

Gatun Lake is a large artificial freshwater lake located south of Colón, Panama. It forms a major part of the Panama Canal, which allows … More

Lake Vermillion

Lake Vermilion, a shallow freshwater lake in northeastern Minnesota, was originally known by the Ojibwe as Nee-Man-Nee, which means “the … More

Lake Pepin

Lake Pepin, located on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, is a naturally occurring lake along the Mississippi River filling in a valley that … More

Lake Erie

Lake Erie, which takes its name from the Erie tribe which used to live along its southern edge, is the 4th-largest of the … More

The Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes are a group of eleven mostly parallel north-south-running lakes in New York state, with none of them exceeding 3.5 miles in … More

Salton Sea

The Salton Sea is a shallow, endorheic (high salinity) rift lake located on the San Andreas Fault between the Imperial and Coachella Valleys in southern California. The lake surface today is … More

Great Salt Lake

Utah’s Great Salt Lake is the largest lake west of the Mississippi River, the largest salt lake in the Western … More