Fort Snelling National Cemetery

Fort Snelling National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located in the Fort Snelling Unorganized Territory, located adjacent to Historic Fort Snelling and the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. It is the older one of the two National Cemeteries in Minnesota. Administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the cemetery covers just over 436 acres and has over 246,000 interments (as of 2021).

Notable interments include:

  • Corporal Charles W. Lindberg – the last surviving member of the Marines who flag raised the flag on Iwo Jima during WWII
  • Thomas Edward Burnett Jr. – a United Airlines Flight 93 passenger on 9/11
  • Nine Medal of Honor recipients

The cemetery also contains one British  Commonwealth war grave, that of a Royal Canadian Air Force airman of WWII.

Fort Snelling, from which the cemetery takes its name, was a frontier fort first established in 1819 with the purpose of keeping the peace on what was then the Western Frontier. During the American Civil War it served as a recruiting camp for Minnesota  volunteers. The cemetery itself was officially established in 1870, and in 1937, the citizens of St. Paul petitioned Congress to construct a National Cemetery in the area. Two years later, the new plot was dedicated and the burials from the original post cemetery were moved to it. The cemetery acquired an additional 146 acres in 1960 from the Fort Snelling Air Force Station and another 177 acres in 1961, expanding it to its current size. In 2019, volunteers from the nonprofit Flags for Fort Snelling placed over 200,000 Memorial Day flags throughout the cemetery!

  • Visited: Multiple times since the 1970s
  • National Register of Historic Places: 2016

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