Thermae Bath Spa

After a 10-year delay and a runaway budget (coming in at a final cost of £45 million instead of the initial estimate of £13 million), the Thermae Bath Spa in Bath, England finally opened to the public in 2006. Its design is a combination of historic and contemporary, with the main spa building, the New Royal Bath (above), constructed in Bath stone and enclosed by a ‘Glass Cube” building, designed by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, near the site of the ancient Royal Bath. The building was designed in a strongly contemporary style in contrast to its Georgian surroundings. Overall, the Spa features two natural thermal baths, an open-air rooftop pool, an indoor pool, a large Wellness Suite with two aromatic steam rooms, an Ice Chamber, an Infrared Sauna, 3 relaxation areas, a cafe, and 27 spa treatment rooms, including an 18th-century Hot Bath for water-based massage.

As decreed in a Royal Charter dating from 1590, the North East Somerset Council has had guardianship over Bath’s spring waters, the only naturally hot, mineral-rich waters in the entire UK, fed by the area’s hot springs. Understandably then, the spa has long been one of the city’s main attractions. These natural geothermal mineral springs also feed into the Roman Baths complex, which was responsible for the prominence of Bath during the Roman period, as well as for the city’s later development as the country’s leading 18th and early 19th-century health resort.

  • Visited: 2017


  1. These baths are so interesting . To see the ruins as well as learn the History.It was a Great experience . Wonderful afternoon enjoying the beautiful Spa/Baths afterwards also, so relaxing!

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