Wild Elephant Valley

Wild Elephant Valley is a forest park located about 29 miles from Jinghong City in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture of China’s Yunnan Province, situated in the Sanchahe Valley of the Mengyang Natural Reserve.

Within the 914-acre park, there are around 300 wild elephants. There is also an “elephant-domesticating” school, the first of its kind in China. Visitors here are able to sit on and/or take photos with the elephants, as well as to watch performances by 16 of the the park’s wild Asian elephants, trained to salute visitors with formal bows, do headstands, pose in a pyramid, dance to music, kick footballs, etc.

The park also offers tree house stays (above), where visitors can observe groups of wild elephants roaming the forest at dawn or dusk. Additionally, there is a butterfly park, snake park, orchid garden, and peacock garden, featuring around 100 different species of rare birds. One may also choose to view the valley from observation towers, take a 1 1/4 mile-long cable car ride, or walk among the trees along a sightseeing ropeway. Tourists also have the opportunity to observe the elephants at night through the use of infrared binoculars.

  • Visited: May 1998

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