Delaware River

The Delaware River drains around 13,539 square miles in four U.S. states, namely, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Rising in New York’s Catskill Mountains, via two branches, … More

St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River is a large North American river flowing from Lake Ontario into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, thereby connecting the Great Lakes to the North … More

Huangpu River

The Huangpu River is a 70-mile-long manmade river flowing north through Shanghai that was first created by and excavated under Lord Chunshen, one of the Lords of … More

Tagus River

The Tagus is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula, rising in mid-eastern Spain near Madrid and flowing westward 626 miles before emptying into the Atlantic … More

Hudson River

The 315-mile-long Hudson River originates in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York and flows southward through the Hudson Valley and Upper New York Bay before draining into … More

River Avon

The River Avon, sometimes referred to as “Shakespeare’s Avon” (to distinguish it from several other rivers of the same name in the U.K.), … More

The Han River

The Han River (or Hangang) is the 4th-longest river on the Korean Peninsula (after the Yalu, Tumen, and  Nakdong Rivers), measuring about 307 miles. It begins … More

The Rhône

Rising in the Swiss Alps and passing through Lake Geneva before running through southeastern France, the Rhône river has twice the average discharge of the Loire, … More

Pearl River

The Pearl River in southern China is also often used as a catch-all for the watersheds of the Xi (“West”), Bei  (“North”), and Dong (“East”) Rivers of Guangdong Province, … More

The Neva River

The Neva River in northwestern Russia, flowing from Lake Ladoga (the largest lake in Europe, located just to the northeast of Saint Petersburg) to the Gulf … More

The River Tiber

The River Tiber, much like the Arno to the north, rises in the Apennine Mountains and empties into the  Tyrrhenian Sea. Its source … More

The Arno River

The Arno, located in Tuscany, is the most important river of central Italy, after the Tiber At 150 miles in … More

The Mekong

The Mekong, located in East and Southeast Asia, is the 6th-longest river in Asia as well as the world’s 10th-longest, with an estimated … More

Apple River

The Apple River is a tributary of the St. Croix River in northwestern Wisconsin and part of the watershed of the Mississippi River. It issues from Staples Lake and … More