North Sea

The North Sea is a branch of the Atlantic Ocean, situated between Great Britain, Norway, Denmark,  Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France in northern Europe. As a so-called “shelf” sea, located … More

The Best of NORWAY

Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe which comprises the westernmost and northernmost portions of the Scandinavian Peninsula. In addition to its mainland European … More

Fram Museum

Inaugurated in 1936, the Fram Museum is located on the peninsula of Bygdøy in Oslo, Norway. Bygdøy is also home to several other museums, including the Kon-Tiki … More

Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway is most famous for the completely whole Oseberg ship, excavated from the largest known ship … More


Originally founded in 1881, the Skansen (or Scandinavian open-air folk museum) is situated on the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo. It shares … More

Kon-Tiki Museum

The Kon-Tiki Museum is a museum in the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo, Norway. It houses vessels and maps from the Kon-Tiki expedition, as well as a library with about … More