Audi Spheres

Launched in July/August 2012 from the front of Copenhagen’s Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament, the temporary walk-in exhibition Audi Spheres provided insight into the future of electro-mobility, networked driving, and ultralight space-age automobile construction. The exhibit’s three air-filled textile globes provided several interactive installations that allowed these themes to be brought to life and playfully experienced. The roadshow, sponsored by the German automaker Audi, would go on to visit several other European cities in the following two years.

The three separate exhibits, connected by walkways between the spheres, high-lighted:

  1. Audi’s e-tron Spyder – the automaker’s first electric high-performance sportscar (below)
  2. Audi Connect – Audi’s navigation system, featuring Google Earth satellite imagery, which is capable of searching for destinations, calling for roadside assistance, and getting traffic updates
  3. Audi Ultra – Audi’s all-wheel drive system, optimized for efficiency, which makes its AWD almost instantaneously available when it is advantageous and immediately disengages it when it is not
  • Visited: July 2012

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