The Landing

The Landing (formerly Historic Murphy’s Landing), now part of the Minnesota River Heritage Park in Shakopee, is a living history museum featuring a number of restored 19th century buildings which are inhabited by costumed actors on the weekends in order to help give an authentic view of life during the pioneering days of Minnesota.

Structures on the site include:

  • A parish church
  • Schoolhouse
  • General store
  • Depot
  • Immigration house
  • Cobbler shop
  • Seamstress shop
  • Fur trader’s house
  • Railroad workers’ house
  • Farm

The site is open to the public from Memorial Day through October, and available for school groups from April through December. It also offers a popular program in December known as “Folkways of the Holidays” and is open for scheduled weddings and other group events.

  • Visited: c. 1980, Oct 2021

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