NE Arts Buildings, Part 3: California Bldg

First built in 1921, the 6-story California Building, designed in the Chicago School architectural style, was one of the first studio buildings in NE Minneapolis and is currently home to over 80 artist’s studios. The owners, John Kremer and Jennifer Young, who have been quietly turning the neighborhood into an “artist’s colony” since 1991, have dedicated themselves to arts sustainability and saving historic structures, such as the recently redeveloped Ritz Theater on 13th Avenue NE, currently home to the genre-bending dance theatre company Ballet of the Dolls. They also own four other NE properties, including: the Casket Arts Building, the Carriage House, and the Garland and Oddfellows Buildings.

Within the building, Studio 103 hosts a drawing co-op, while Studio 106 offers painting workshops at all levels and in all media. And in general, the California Building artists have open studios monthly on the Second Saturday of each month from 11am to 4pm. They are also open during the annual “California Dreamin’” events in early November, as well as “Art-A-Whirl” during the 3rd weekend of May. 

  • Visited: 2018

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  1. Such a wonderful thing to know. And Huge Thank You to those making it happen here in NE & the arts community. Have been attending the events the artists put on for many years.

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