Design Museum Helsinki

Furniture of the Finnish Art Nouveau style (1903)

The Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland is devoted to the exhibition of both Finnish and foreign design, including industrial design, graphic design, and fashion. The museum, situated in the Kaartinkaupunki neighborhood, is owned by the Republic of Finland  through the Senate Properties, which operates other government-owned buildings such as the Finnish Supreme Court building, the National Opera building, the Museum of Finnish Architecture (located on the same block), and the Prime Minister’s official residence. In 2002, the museum changed its name to Designmuseo (“Design Museum”) from Taideteollisuusmuseo, which was considered too long and complicated.

The museum was first founded in 1873, making it one of the oldest in the world. However, it has operated in its present building since 1894, which originally functioned as a school for the first co-educational school in Finland, a Swedish school that operated in Helsinki. The current building, designed by architect Gustaf Nyström in the neo-Gothic style, also includes a cafe and a gift shop.

The museum’s permanent collection, consisting of over 75,000 objects and 40,000 drawings, includes a permanent exhibition devoted to the history of Finnish design from 1870 to the present. And from the museum’s home page, there is also free access to several web exhibitions on Finnish design.

  • Visited: 2012

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