120 Favorite UNESCO Sites, Part II (21-40) – Delisting

World Heritage sites may lose their designation when the UNESCO World Heritage Committee determines that they are not properly managed or protected. A country may also request to reduce the boundaries of one of its existing sites. To date, three sites have been completely delisted from the World Heritage List: the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary in Oman, the Dresden Elbe Valley in Germany and Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City * in the United Kingdom.

Here is the second part of my recommended World Heritage list:

21. Schönbrunn Palace (Austria, 1996)

22. Terra Cotta Warriors (China, 1987)

23. Lushan (China, 1996)

24. Li River (China, 2007)

25. Sanqingshan (China, 2008; natural)

26. Old Town Dubrovnik (Croatia, 1979):

27. Giza Pyramids (Egypt, 1979):

28. Arles Amphitheatre (France, 1981)

29. Medieval Rhodes (Greece, 1988)

30. The Colosseum (Italy, 1980)

31. Villa Adriana (Italy, 1999)

32. Kinkaku-ji (Japan, 1994)

33. Chichen-Itza (Mexico, 1988):

34. Flåm (Norway, 2005; natural) – as part of West Norwegian Fjords

35. Castillo San Felipe del Morro (Puerto Rico, 1983)

36. La Sagrada Família (Spain, 1984) -as part of The Works of Antoni Gaudí

37. Ephesus (Turkey, 2015):

38. Stonehenge (England, 1986) **

39. Great Smoky Mountains (USA, 1983; natural)

40. Statue of Liberty (USA, 1984)

*Delisted site: Albert Dock (2004-2021) – formerly as part of Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City

**Stonehenge is also currently under threat of being “delisted” due to concern that a proposed cut-and-cover road tunnel could irreversibly damage the site.

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