Flag Trivia, Part 2: The U.S. Flag

  1. When is the only time that it acceptable to fly the flag upside down?
  2. Robert Peary was honored for scattering pieces of the American flag where?
  3. How is one supposed to dispose of a worn or outdated flag?
  4. The American flag first flew over the shores of what foreign country?
  5. “Shipwreck” Kelly was famous for doing what for 49 days straight, as part of a craze that started in 1929?
  6. How many American flags have been planted on the moon?
  7. The flag that inspired “The Star-Spangled Banner” had how many stars and stripes?
  8. During an American flag folding ceremony, how many times is it folded? And into what shape?
  9. Which contemporary American artist is famous for his depictions of the American flag?
  10. In the U.S., the date June 14th, which commemorates when the Second Continental Congress officially adopted the first American flag in 1777, is better known as what?

>> For answers, see the post on State Flag Trivia.

* * * * *

>>> Below are the answers to the July 12th post on National Flag Trivia:

I. South Africa

II. Monaco

III. Wales

IV. Chad

V. Nepal

VI. Weapons

VII. Denmark

VIII. 26

IX. Argentina

X. Guinea & Mali

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