Kennebunkport is a small town in Maine, about a mile from the Atlantic Ocean on the Kennebunk River. First incorporated in 1653 as Cape Porpus, it was once a shipbuilding and fishing village. However, due to Abenaki Indian resistance to English encroachment, the settlers abandoned the town by 1689 and did not return until the early 18th century, at which point the town was moved further inland and renamed Arundel. It wasn’t until 1821 that the town was renamed again, this time as Kennebunkport. In 1947, the so-called “Great Fires” devastated much of York County, which also greatly affected the town.

Today, as well as for the past century, however, Kennebunkport has been a popular seaside tourist destination, as well as a summer haven for the upper class, making it one of the wealthiest communities in all of Maine. The town’s Dock Square area contains numerous souvenir shops, art galleries, schooner attractions, seafood restaurants, coffee shops, and B&Bs. 

The constituent enclave of Walker Point is the summer estate of the U.S. Presidential Bush Family. First built by Bush’s maternal grandfather, George Herbert Walker, it has been a family home ever since. During his presidency, George H.W. Bush often invited world leaders from Margaret Thatcher to Mikhail Gorbachev to Kennebunkport, while his son, George W. Bush, invited Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Sarkozy to visit.

  • Visited: Oct 2010

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