Disney Store

The Disney Store, founded in 1987 as the first “retail-tainment” store, is an international chain which sells Disney-related items exclusively. In addition, Disney has also operated a number of store chains beyond its flagship Disney Store, such as their ESPN stores (designed to look like sports broadcast centers), Disney at Harrods (which, along with a Disney Store, also included the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and a Disney Cafe), and the short-lived Mickey’s Kitchen (Disney’s first attempt at running a chain of restaurants outside of their resorts).

Since 2013, in time for the release of “Frozen”, Disney departments (known as “shops-within-shops”) have also existed within some 525 J.C. Penney locations. And since October 2019, prior to the release of “Frozen 2”, they have also opened at Target  stores across the United States. There are also a handful of permanent Character Warehouse Outlets which are licensed to sell overstock and discontinued Disney Parks merchandise.

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