Open Book Minneapolis

Opened May 2000, Open Book is a 50,000 square foot literary arts center in Minneapolis, housing a bookstore (Ruminator Books), coffee shop, concert hall, and theater, in addition to three nonprofit organizations on four floors, namely:

  1. The Loft Literary Center:
    • First incorporated in August 1975, The Loft started as a grassroots gathering space for poets and writers in the loft space above founder Marly Rusoff’s bookstore. Here, they could share their work in order to hone their craft. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the nation’s leading independent literary centers. Annually, the center also offers hundreds of classes, readings and other literary events; hosts major festivals and conferences; and offers awards and grants for writers.
  2. Minnesota Center for Book Arts:
    • First established in 1983, MCBA is now the largest, most comprehensive independent nonprofit book arts center in the U.S., nationally recognized for its celebration and preservation of traditional book arts, including: hand papermaking, hand bookbinding, and letterpress printing. MCBA education programs include: workshops in book art disciplines; custom in-school residencies, known as “Book Arts in the Schools”; and workshops for teachers on how to incorporate book arts into their classrooms. It also hosts book arts exhibitions, co-sponsors and administers the Minnesota Book Artist Award, publishes an annual Winter Book, sponsors artists’ residencies and competitive fellowships, offers studio space and equipment rental, and provides free art-making opportunities for children and families at its annual “Free Family Days” held in its studio facilities. The Shop at MCBA also features works for sale on consignment from book artists around the globe. In 2004, MCBA even served as a satellite location for the Walker Art Center exhibit “Walker Without Walls”.
  3. Milkweed Editions:
    • Since its founding in 1980, this organization has published over 350 books of literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, with over 4 million copies in circulation. Their website states that, “Just as the common milkweed plant is the site of metamorphosis for monarch butterflies, Milkweed Editions seeks to be a site of metamorphosis in the literary ecosystem.” 
  • Attended: Several gallery openings and book readings since 2015

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