Ocean City (New Jersey)

Ocean City, New Jersey, named for its location along the Atlantic Ocean, is known today as a family-oriented seaside resort, including miles of guarded beaches, a 2.5-mile boardwalk dating from 1880, and downtown shopping and dining district. However, as a result of its religious origins, it has not allowed the sale of alcohol within the city limits since its founding in 1879. Celebrities that used to spend their summers here include the actress (and future Princess of Monaco) Grace Kelly and actor Jimmy Stewart.

Since 1951, due to erosion caused by storms, the beach has been replenished more than 40 times, potentially the most of any beach in the country. In fact, in one extreme instance, a $5 million replenishment project in 1982 had largely disappeared within two and a half months!

  • Visited: 2019

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