Union Depot

Saint Paul’s Union Depot is a historic railroad station and intermodal transit hub that currently offers local light rail and bus services (Metro Transit), as well as intercity rail (Amtrak) and intercity bus (e.g. Greyhound) services. Additionally, it also contains a Hertz rental car location, offices, a museum, a coffee shop, a restaurant, and loft condominiums.

There have actually been two Union Depots in Saint Paul, with the first being completed in 1881. And because it combined several different railroad services into one building, the depot was described as a “union” station. Since this station burned down in 1915, a replacement structure was started in 1917. It was not completed until 1923, though, due to World War I. In its heyday, during the 1920s, the depot’s nine platforms (serving 18 tracks) hosted passenger trains from nine different railroads with 282 train movements daily. However, this didn’t last long with the advent of the automobile, the airplane, and the streamliner era in the United States (beginning in 1934).

The current neoclassical headhouse, designed by architect Charles Sumner Frost, is a contributing property to the city’s Lowertown Historic District.

  • Visited: 2017
  • National Register of Historic Places: 1974

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