Dominican Flag

The flag of the Caribbean island of Dominica was adopted in November 1978. It consists of a grass green field on which a cross composed of yellow, black and white stripes passes through the flag. The cross is representative of the Holy Trinity of Christianity. In the middle of the cross is a red circle, in which sits Dominica’s national bird, the Imperial Amazon (a purple and green parrot, known locally as the Sisserou). It is an endangered species with a population of around 300 (± 50). Interestingly, the use of purple makes the flag one of only two national flags (alongside that of Nicaragua) to contain the color. The Sisserou is surrounded by ten green stars which represent the ten parishes of the island, namely: St. Andrew, St. David, St. George, St. John, St. Joseph,  St. Luke, St. Mark, St .Patrick, St. Paul, and St. Peter.

In terms of color symbolism:

  • the green field is representative of the island’s lush vegetation
  • the yellow stripe refers to the indigenous people, as well as to bananas and citruses which are both commodities of the island
  • the black stripe refers to the color of local residents, as well as to the island’s fertile soil due to volcanic activity
  • the white stripe symbolizes peace, as well as the crystal clear waters of the local rivers
  • the red disc represents justice

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