Travel Topic #57.6 (America’s Favorite Architecture)

The list of America’s Favorite Architecture from #71 – #90 runs as follows:

71. Hearst Tower – New York City, NY

72. Flatiron Building – New York City, NY

73. Lake Point Tower – Chicago, I

74. Guggenheim Museum – New York City, NY

75. Union Station – Los Angeles, CA

76. Willard Hotel – Washington, D.C.

77. Harvard University (Sever Hall) – Cambridge, MA

78. Broadmoor Hotel – Colorado Springs, CO

79. Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center – Washington, D.C.

80. Phillips Exeter Academy Library – Exeter, NH

81. The Plaza Hotel – New York City, NY

82. Sofitel Chicago Water Tower – Chicago, IL

83. Glessner House – Chicago, IL

84. Yankee Stadium – New York City, NY

85. Harold Washington Library Center – Chicago, IL

86. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts – New York City, NY

87. The Dakota Apartments – New York City, NY

88. Art Institute of Chicago – Chicago, IL

89. Fairmont Hotel – San Francisco, CA

90. Boston Public Library – Boston, MA


  1. Are you more likely to visit any of the places on the list after discovering that they are considered by many to be important architecturally?
  2. Who do you think are the better “judges” of the relative “importance” of the works — professionals (e.g. architects/designers/engineers) or non-professionals (i.e. ordinary observers)? Why?

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