St. Lucian Flag

The Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia has a flag that is composed of a cerulean blue sheet, with three overlapping triangles situated in the middle (white, black, and yellow), all of which share the same base. Symbolically, these triangles evoke unity, as well as the island’s national symbol, namely, the twin volcanic cones known as The Pitons. The flag was first adopted in 1967, five years after the West Indies Federation was dissolved, of which it had been apart since 1958. Although largely unchanged ever since, the flag’s shade of blue and the sizing of the three triangles were modified slightly in 1979, once the island had gained its independence from Great Britain.

In terms of the flag’s color scheme:

  • the blue color epitomises both the sky and the sea — specifically the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, both of which encircle the country;
  • the black and white allude to the harmonious relationship between those two races;
  • the yellow symbolises sunshine and prosperity.

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