Cayman Islander Flag

The Cayman Islands flag was adopted in May 1958, after the territory was officially granted a coat-of-arms. And like other British territorial flags, it features the Union Jack in the upper left corner as well as a traditional blue ensign defaced by the territory’s coat-of-arms. Prior to 1958, the British flag had been used for all official occasions.

The coat of arms consists of three components:

  1. A shield – upon which where are 3 green stars representing each of the territory’s inhabited islands (Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac). These rest upon blue and white wavy bands which represent the sea. Against a red background in the top third of the shield a gold lion (passant guardant), representing Britain, is shown walking with a raised forepaw.
  2. A crested helm (above the shield) – featuring a green turtle on a coil of rope, behind which is the a gold pineapple. The turtle represents the Caymans’ seafaring history; the rope, its traditional thatch-rope industry; and the pineapple, its ties with Jamaica.
  3. The motto: “He hath founded it upon the seas” – which acknowledges the Cayman Islands’ ties to the sea as well as its “discovery” in 1503 by Christopher Columbus (who had originally named the islands “Las Tortugas”).

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