St. Catherine University

Known as the College of St. Catherine until 2009, St. Catherine University (aka St. Kate’s) in Minnesota sits atop St. Paul’s 2nd-highest hill in an area known as Highland Park. It was established in 1905 as a private Catholic liberal arts university and was one of the first higher learning institutions in the Midwest specifically for women. It is named for St. Catherine of Alexandria, the 4th-century Egyptian philosopher who was martyred for her faith.

In October 1937, the school was the first Catholic institution of higher learning in the world to be granted a Phi Beta Kappa chapter — the oldest and most prestigious academic honor society in the U.S.

Between 1942 and 1948, over 170 St. Kate’s alumni served in military hospitals, as the college itself responded to a critical nursing shortage during World War II by expanding its nursing programs and assuming leadership of the St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s hospitals.

Today, St. Kate’s offers baccalaureate programs for women and graduate and associate programs for both sexes. It has a particular focus on recruiting and enrolling minorities and nontraditional-aged students. The school’s College for Adults (formerly Weekend College) was also the 1st such program in the Upper Midwest and the 2nd nationally. 

  • Visited (O’Shaunessey Auditorium):
  1. Katie McMahon’s “Celtic Xmas” (Dec 2017)
  2. CAAM Chinese Dance Theatre’s “Once Upon a Lake” (Jan 2019)
  3. Kevin Kling’s “The Love Show” (Feb 2019, Feb 2020)
  4. Anoushka Shankar (Mar 2019)
  • National Register of Historic Places: 1985 (Derham Hall and Our Lady of Victory Chapel)

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