Little Venice, London

Little Venice is a neighborhood in the City of Westminster, London, located around the junction of Grand Union Canal and Regent’s Canal, just north of the Paddington Basin and Hyde Park near Maida Vale. The name of the area may have originated with the poet Robert Browning, who lived nearby from 1862 to 1887. However, others have claimed that it was actually Lord Byron who first humorously compared the locale to Venice.

The boundaries of Little Venice are unclear, though the majority of its buildings are in an architectural style known as Regency, with white painted stucco façades, and are located in close proximity to the canals. In recent years, however, the name has also grown in scope, covering a wider area which now includes new developments surrounding the Paddington Basin, even though its modern architectural style sets it apart from the traditional area. Likewise, the name Maida Vale is fairly recent.

Little Venice is one of London’s prime residential areas, containing restaurants, shops, theaters (including the Puppet Theatre Barge), cafes and pubs, including three Grade II-listed pubs for their historic interiors and façades: The Warwick Castle, The Warrington, and The Prince Alfred. The Colonnade Hotel, dating from 1863, is particularly ornate, with historical connections to both Alan Turing and Sigmund Freud.

  • Visited: Sep 2017

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