Hertford Bridge

Completed in 1914, Hertford Bridge (often called Oxford’s “Bridge of Sighs“, evoking images either of amorous students, emitting “sighs of love”, or others worrying about exams, emitting “sighs of frustration”) is a skyway joining two parts of Hertford College in Oxford, administrative offices to the south and accommodation to the north. It also links together the Old and New Quadrangles of the college. Its distinctive design, by Sir Thomas Graham Jackson, is supposedly similar to Venice’s famous Ponte dei Sospiri (“Bridge of Sighs“); however, it was never intended to be a replica of that bridge. In fact, it is closer in resemblance to the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

The Hertford Bridge is one of the most photographed sites in Oxford and features in numerous popular films, including X-Men: First Class, and television programs, such as Inspector Morse. However, there is no public entry, as it is only accessible to students and faculty of the school. However, the bridge is located just steps away from the Bodleian Library and other famous Oxford landmarks, which are accessible to the public.

  • Visited: Oct 2017

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